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Aquaponics Book: Aquaponics Food Production System

The last couple of months have been super excited. Our aquaponics project in Namibia is proceeding, Boris is working in a research institute in Belgium on aquaponpics, and Simon is currently supervising several PhD students in Aquaponics all over the world (and currently staying in Brazil). However, the biggest milestone we have recently achieved was the publication of the aquaponics book we have all been working on within the last 2 years.

The Aquaponics Book

The aquaponics book is an open access publication. A big consortium, consisting of members of the European Aquaponics COST network and beyond have been working on the book in their free time. The book itself can be seen as the main dissemination of that European COST Action. The book content of the book is described as follows:

This open access book, written by world experts in aquaponics and related technologies, provides the authoritative and comprehensive overview of the key aquaculture and hydroponic and other integrated systems, socio-economic and environmental aspects. Aquaponic systems, which combine aquaculture and vegetable food production offer alternative technology solutions for a world that is increasingly under stress through population growth, urbanisation, water shortages, land and soil degradation, environmental pollution, world hunger and climate change.

Everybody can download its eBook version for free as either an epub or PDF file. If you prefer paper, you can also order a hardcover version of the book here. Boris and Simon, as both founders of developonics and authors of the book and book chapters, respectively, also contributed to the open access free to make this book available for everybody. We believe that its content is public information and should not be hidden behind a pay-wall. So far: enjoy reading the book, spread its content, and if you have any questions feel free to text us.

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