Our Partners

As aquaponics is a multi-disciplinary domain, having a strong network of partners is of particular strategic value. Sealing oneself off and not to share knowledge inevitably leads this rather unknown agricultural field down a one way street. We expect that both international collaboration and knowledge transfer will take us a decisive step forward on the way to improve aquaponic growing practices.

As we observed a big gap between scientific and practised aquaponics, we try to connect both parties. Coming from the scientific community, partnerships in both fields provide the opportunity of openly discussing current scientific developments and best practicable means (BPM) for commercial systems. Together with the partners, evaluation how to implement new developed approaches and methods. Given the symbiotic relationship between farming activities, agricultural consultants, hardware/software producers, and scientific research will make a substantial contribution to surmounting the current challenges aquaponics is facing.

We are currently working closely together with the following partners:

Landing Aquaculture

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