Covering both, scientific and also industrial fields and having a level of knowledge that relies on the very latest well-grounded and comprehensible scientific information, we can offer state of the art solutions for the complete aquaponic spectrum.

  1.  Fish advice: Species, welfare, rearing practices, growth and feeding models & planning, etc.
  2. Plant advice: Horticulture, plant pathology, pests, etc.
  3. Custom designs and Engineering for coupled/decoupled systems (i.e. small scale, medium scale & commercial)
  4. Custom design for particular processes such as solids removal, gas transfer, sludge recycling, denitrification, etc.
  5. Farm audits/troubleshooting
  6. Academic presentations
  7. System dynamics solutions for coupled/decoupled systems
  8. Nutrient concentrations & analysis for coupled/decoupled systems

We offer best quality of service given the fact that the team combines a strong academic background  with substantial professional experience in the field of aquaponics.

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